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Get tips for buying products by weight or other measurements

Are you getting your money's worth? Learn how to get an accurate amount when you make a purchase.

How can we help?

We provide assistance to the consumer by responding to and in resolving consumer complaints. Listed below are a few examples of how we can be of assistance.

A box tied in string, a carton of milk, and a large jug partially filled with liquid.
Deceptive packaging
A large container used for gasoline or other motor fluids.
Contaminated motor vehicle fuels
A scale on a table that will be used to weigh groceries.
Product misrepresented based on weight
A moving truck with stacked boxes about to be loaded on to the truck.
Moving companies that charge by weight
Check-out registrar with with buttons, cash drawer, and LED display that shows the total cost.
Overcharged at register, scanner problems
A yellow car with "TAXI" displayed on its top LED display.
Taxi meters

Shop with confidence

Our inspectors are here to protect you when you buy things.

Quantity control

If you feel a package is under weight or a label is deceptive, call us and we can investigate that product for accuracy. We can test for weight, volume, and item count.


All petroleum vehicle fluids have to meet quality standard and have accurate labeling. If you feel a product is mislabeled or not up to its usual standard, call us. We can investigate gasoline, antifreeze, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, and others.

Measurement compliance

By law, weighing and measuring devices, such as gas pumps, scales, and checkout scanners must be accurate. If you encounter a measuring device you think is incorrect, call us and we can investigate to make sure it's working properly.


When they charge you at the dump by the weight of your trash, or if you buy a load of bulk materials (like sand, gravel, or cement), the transaction must be performed by a licensed weighmaster and they must give you an official weight document. Call us if you feel you've been cheated by a weighmaster.

A man smiles as he weighs apples on a grocery store scale

Advice for consumers

Watch the weighing or measuring instrument. When buying gasoline, look at the pump meter before the start of fuel delivery. Check your receipts, especially scanned items on sale, for price accuracy.

Different slices of meat laid out on wood cutting boards

Door-to-door meat sales

Door-to-door salesmen have been around for many years. The selling of meat by door-to-door salesmen is legal in the state of California and consumers can often save money through this type of purchase.

A pile of chopped wood stacked outside a house

Wood for fuel sales

Wood, for fuel purposes, shall only be sold or offered for sale by cord measure, excepting as hereinafter provided. The cord is hereby established as a standard measure, and shall contain 128 cubic feet, well-stowed and packed.

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